7 Ways To Promote Your Business In Swansea

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There are so many ways to promote your business it can be a struggle at times to figure out which one works best for you and your company. In this blog, we’ll go through different options to hopefully make the process a little easier. Let’s get started!


One way you can promote your business is through the method of print. This could be done through a flyer. For example, if you were a gym owner and you had just opened a brand new business, you might be wondering “Right, we need to get Swansea ads out there, informing people who we are, where we are and how they get in touch with us”. Flyers can help you do that. You might want to get a few of our team out to deliver to houses or potentially set up a stall at a local community event available for people to pick up. Remember, it’s all about letting people know who you are, where you are and how they contact you.

Another way is business cards. An example of this could be you own your coffee shop. Soon enough you are attending a marketing workshop with other businesses attending. This is such a great opportunity to be able to get your name out in Swansea ads and allow people to be able to sip some of the excellent coffee you’ve been brewing. You could even have a loyalty card printing allowing said business/individual to buy six of your coffees and get the seventh, free!

One other way is appointment cards. For example, you’re a hairdresser. A client wants to make their next booking. Now, as you’ll know, we live in a world where our attention spans are significantly shorter due to our phones taking up so much of them, giving them an appointment allows them to have a physical copy so they can pop the date into their phone calendar.

Press Release

Another way you can promote your business is via press release. In 2023 we ourselves had a rebrand with a new office and a new look. After teaming up with Llansamlet based MJR Marketing, whose services include press releases, our managing director Alix spoke to Wales247 highlighting the company’s journey so far, her own background, building a team and moving from Neath Abbey to the heart of Swansea. As a result of this interview, this led to Alix being invited to the economy roundtable and creating a brand new lead for our business, so it goes to prove that press releases can open doors for you.

Social Media

Another way you can promote your business is through social media. There are numerous platforms available for you to use to help showcase your business such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


Email Marketing

One other way you can promote your business is by email marketing. Now, we understand this can be tricky as, as we said earlier, our attention spans are significantly shorter, so any email coming through could be deleted or ignored altogether. However, as an example, if you own your own clothing brand and that individual has already bought items from you, you have their email address and therefore, their permission for you to contact them directly. When you do, you can send them any offers you have on as they’d already made an initial purchase so are now fully in the customer journey.


Another way you can promote your business is through TV. This may seem very dated but it actually isn’t. For example if you own your own car dealership, you have a new range of family cars in and you. You might be wondering right now, “That’s an excellent idea, but how on earth do we do it?” Well, you could use AdSmart through Sky Broadband, which tailors their adverts based on the demographic of their customers eg. If they believe it is likely a family that has Sky Broadband has children, they may see more Swansea ads for family cars, allowing you to put yourself in front of them in their living rooms.


SEO is another way you can promote your business. As you’ll already know, if you are looking for a business, where do you go to find one? The internet. The main goal of SEO is to secure high placements in the search engine results page to help you be found on the internet.

Therefore, that makes local SEO so crucial.

Here at AD Marketing, we know how important local SEO is and are here to make sure that your business not just features on the map – but stands out on the map also. From localising your website to optimising your maps, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to maximise your visibility throughout Swansea, so contact us today to discover how your services can benefit your business and help you flourish!


One other way you can promote your business is through PPC (pay per click). Pay-Per Click is an advertising model for businesses that pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s an incredible tool for businesses to generate targeted and relevant content for their websites.

PPC advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Meta Ads and Bing Ads, provide your business a chance to target specific keywords, demographics, locations and other criteria to reach their desired audience.

For example, if you were a brand new local window cleaning business in Swansea and you wanted to increase your visibility in Swansea with ads, you may want to use keywords like “window cleaning” to help strengthen your position. We understand it’s an incredibly daunting prospect if you have no prior knowledge of PPC, but here at AD Marketing, if you want to attract a bigger local audience and drive conversions, we are here to help you.


As we’ve gone through, there are many options to choose from when promoting your business, but again, we understand that it can be difficult to figure out which elements work best in your marketing mix, so we encourage you to try and test them. If things go wrong? Don’t worry; you can always start again! We, at AD Marketing, work with people in Swansea, in the sectors we’ve mentioned above and will be happy to introduce you – whether you’re a client or not. Remember, don’t be afraid to try and test different options to help you reach different customers in a range of places and when it comes to SEO and PPC, once again – we are here to help.