Google To Sunset Similar Audiences

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Google’s Announcement: The Sunsetting of Similar Audiences


Google Ads has announced another upgrade, this time affecting Similar Audiences. The announcement is part of the continuous focus on consumer privacy.

Google will phase out similar audiences targeting in 2023, according to Google Ads’s Liaison Ginny Marvin, who made the announcement this week.


When will Similar Audiences be sunsetted?


From May 2023, you will no longer be able to create Similar Audience Segments.
There won’t be any changes to your campaigns and ad groups if you are currently using similar audiences.  Up until August 2023, you can continue use the currently available similar audience segments, but you can’t add any new similar audience segments to campaigns or groups.


Why is Google Google Sunsetting Similar Audiences

Google has made the change for the following reasons:

1. Alternative privacy-preserving software and search engines are on the rise
2. The development of online marketing strategies

At first, Google declaried they would not offer a substitute for third-party cookies. However, after some pushing from advertisers, Google have made changes. 
Google came to the realisation that in order for advertisers to effectively promote their goods and services, some sort of user targeting was required. Without this, advertisers could start to look at other advertising platforms. 


Is there an alternative to Similar Audiences?


On Google Ads itself? Not really. 

Instead, Google is encouraging its advertisers to use smart bidding and performance max campaigns with 1st party business data as an audience signal. The machine learning will then take a similar audience into consideration in line with its wider strategy. Ginny Marvin confirms the following in a Twitter thread:  


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