PPC in 2023: Our predictions for the year ahead

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We’ve said goodbye to 2022 and have welcomed 2023 with both arms and eager faces. As PPC is a competitive world with changes happening often, you may be wondering what’s around the corner for 2023.

Paid advertising, commonly known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click), has been an integral part of digital marketing for decades. As the internet continues to evolve and consumer behavior shifts, PPC has had to adapt and change with it. In the year ahead, 2023, we can expect to see even more changes and developments in the world of PPC. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at some of the key trends and predictions for PPC in 2023 and discussing what businesses can do to stay ahead of the curve. 

Top 5 PPC trends for 2023

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

It feels like we’ve been saying this for the last few year, but the truth is, this is something that continues to evolve and change. We’ve already seen introductions of machine learning in the automated bid strategies and Performance Max. We’ve also seen the introduction Meta’s advantage+.

Our PPC Specialist Tiago predicts “campaigns will be more automated, and we might start see some of the old options disappear”.

What’s in store for us? We don’t really know for sure yet, but maybe something to do with campaign creatives.

Reduced Twitter PPC click costs

2022 has been pretty turbulent since Elon Musk took over the platform. Following the issues on Twitter, a large number of companies and individuals have decided to stop advertising on Twitter, in some cases, some have stopped using it altogether.

With fewer people using the platform, competition will also likely decrease and we may see the average CPCs drop.

Increased CPC costs

Whilst we predict a drop in Twitter Ad click costs, there may still be an increase in click costs from other platforms. With more advertisers seeing the importance of PPC each year, click costs have the tendency to rise in line with the increased competition.

“Ahh remember the days of 1p bids?” our MD Alix has been heard saying occasionally.

We’re not suggesting that you need extremely deep pockets in order to be in with a chance in 2023, but a clever strategy is key and advertisers will need to keep a close eye on click costs to make sure none of it is wasted in irrelevant areas.

GA4 – Get used to it

Google announced GA4 (Google Analytics 4) in October 2020. “Please use this updated Analytics platform” they kindly asked (maybe not in these words). 2023 is upon us and Universal Analytics (UA) is being sunsetted in July this year. Brutal.

But, as much as it’s a big change for advertisers, there are some pretty cool features in GA4 such as explorations, its machine learning capabilities, and data-driven insight sections. Love it or loathe it, we might as love it as it’s now the default.

New things from Microsoft Advertising

As a general rule, Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) is similar to Google Ads in terms of user interface and how it works. However, there are things that Microsoft offers that Google doesn’t. For example, Microsoft unveiled ‘action extensions’ which Google doesn’t offer.

With some of these added extras from Microsoft, it may be fair to predict we’ll see more from them.

With the rising CPC costs, it’s actually not a bad idea to consider Microsoft Ads in your 2023 strategy. Whilst search volumes are lower, you may find it cheaper to reach new customers, particularly in competitive industries.

Where to keep up to date with PPC in 2023

Keeping up with the latest developments and trends in PPC can be a challenge, especially as the field is constantly evolving. However, there are several ways to stay informed and educated about what’s happening in the world of PPC in 2023 and beyond. Here are a few key resources to consider:

  • Industry blogs and publications: Staying up to date on the latest industry news and trends is crucial for keeping up with PPC in 2023. Some top resources to follow include Search Engine Land, Moz, and PPC Hero.
  • Social media: Following key influencers and thought leaders in the PPC space on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can also help you stay informed about the latest developments and trends.
  • Conferences and events: Attending PPC-related conferences and events is another great way to stay informed about the latest trends and developments. Some notable events to consider include HeroConf, Brighton SEO and SMX.
  • Online courses and certifications: Investing in PPC-specific online courses and certifications can help deepen your understanding of the field and keep you informed about the latest strategies and best practices. Some providers of these kind of training include Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Blueprint
  • Experimenting: One of the best ways to stay up to date with PPC trends is to experiment with them yourself. Try new ways of targeting, ad formats and testing on a small scale, this will keep you informed and help you adapt to any change quickly.

In summary…

In conclusion, PPC advertising is constantly evolving, and as we delve further into 2023, we can expect to see even more changes and developments in the field. From the continued growth of voice search to the increasing importance of visual search, advertisers will need to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in order to succeed. Additionally, with the ongoing shift towards e-commerce and online sales, PPC will become even more critical for businesses looking to reach consumers where they are spending more and more of their time and money. As always, the key to success in PPC will be staying agile, experimenting with new strategies and technologies, and continuously optimizing campaigns for maximum performance.

TL;DR: The top 5 PPC trends and predictions for 2023

  1. AI and Machine Learning increasing and improving
  2. Reduced Twitter Ad click costs
  3. Increased CPCs across most other platforms
  4. UA will be axed in July 2023
  5. New stuff from Microsoft Ads